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Weekend Quick Cryptic 18 - A Fine Romance by Johninterred

My fellow TimesforTheTimes contributor and expert solver, Phil Jordan, and I are continuing to produce crosswords to fill the gap left by the Saturday Times not having one. The plan is for us to alternate, publishing one a fortnight, and this week it's my turn. As the title suggests there is something related to Sunday's date in the crossword and to construct the "romance", such as it is, you need to start with a down clue (not answer), which is followed by a Nina in the unchecked letters, and then 2 across answers

You can find links to the crossword here and the answers below. Feel free to leave any comments or questions here as you would do on TfTT.
Before looking at the answers, if you would like some additional help in finding the Nina, click the label below.
The Nina is hidden in the complete outer ring of unches, one square in from the outside ring of answers, running clockwise. You can start reading it from either the SW corner or the SE.
The clues to combine this with ar 16D, 1A and 25A... and may they live happily ever after.

And click on this label to get the solution.

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