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Weekend Quick Cryptic 12 - Let's go to the Zoo by Johninterred

My fellow TimesforTheTimes contributor and expert solver, Phil Jordan, and I are continuing to produce crosswords to fill the gap left by the Saturday Times not having one. The plan is for us to alternate, publishing one a fortnight, and this week it's my turn.

You can find links to the crossword here and the answers below. Feel free to leave any comments or questions here as you would do on TfTT. [Update: Explanation of wordplay included with solution now]
[Solution (click to open)]

Some brief notes on the wordplay in the clues (I omit the definition parts):
1. PRESS (reporters) [after] E (Ecstasy; drug) [in] DIVE (sleazy joint)
8. (lax)* [at sea] around [catching] O (=0, nothing) LOT (much).
9. GO (depart) [after] DIN (loud noise).
10. Double definition.
11. Homophone [we hear] of TORE (raced) TOYS (Barbie and Mr Potato Head).
13. Triple definition.
14. [Return] BIG -> GIB, B (book) ON. Author of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
17. (lad ropes)* [wandering].
19. Reverse [about] hidden [restraining] in Have NO ILlusions.
21. TIER (row) [about] [head of], i.e. first letter of Giant.
22. GAFFE (blunder) [about] IR (Ireland).
23. TOME (book) [about] FOOL (dessert) [on] RY (railway).
2 E (Internet) MOTION (movement).
3 Double definition, the second a cryptic hint
4 SALt [incompletely] (season) MON (my in French).
5 Anagram of [most of] (intel laid)* [out].
6 First letters of [leads to] Endless Nights Nursing Unbearable Insomnia.
7 (can never go)* [wrong].
8 (elitism as a)* [corruption].
12 HEX (cast spell) A G (good) RAM (sheep).
15 Double definition.
16 A GI (soldier) [in] ADO (trouble).
18 bOUGHT (purchased) [unopened].
20 Hidden in [not entirely] fOR ALl.


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