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Summer Holidays Quick Cryptic by Johninterred

My fellow TimesforTheTimes contributor and expert solver, Phil Jordan, has persuaded me that we can continue to produce crosswords to fill the gap left by the Saturday Times not having one on a regular basis. Thanks Phil! The plan is for us to alternate, publishing one a fortnight, so this week it's my turn.

You can find links to the crossword here and the answers below. Feel free to leave any comments or questions as you would do on TfTT.

[Solution (click to open)]

Definitions underlined in bold italics, (Abc)* indicating anagram of Abc, deletions and [] other indicators.

1   Take a dip like one million from Cornwall and Devon, perhaps. (4)
  SWIM. SW (South West; Cornwall and Devon) I (one) M (million)
3    I shriek out loud for something cold to eat. (3,5)
  ICE CREAM. Sounds like [out loud] I SCREAM. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”.
9   Bask by stream and go red. (7)
  SUNBURN. SUN (bask) BURN (stream)
10   Time on the fifteenth of March for ebbs and flows. (5)
   TIDES. T (time) IDES (15th March).
11   No time for fear? That's a mistake. (5)
   ERROR. tERROR (fear) without the T (time).
12   Inject hydrogen in hope of a strong driving force. (6)
   THRUST. [Inject] H (hydrogen) in TRUST (hope, as in “I trust you are keeping well”).
14   Thor must rend abnormal small violent weather events. (13)
   THUNDERSTORMS. (Thor must render)* [abnormal] S (small).
17   Irrational dread of fake ale, we hear. (6)
   PHOBIA. Sounds like (we hear) FAUX (fake) BEER (ale).
19   Tyneside against the queen? Surely not! (5)
   NEVER. NE (Tyneside) V (against) ER (the queen).
22   Dance from Burma perhaps? (5)
   RUMBA. (Burma)* [perhaps].
23   Some billionaire bigwigs return from European peninsula. (7)
   IBERIAN. Reverse [return] hidden [some] in billioNAIRE BIgwigs.
24   Lots of this gives you 9 or makes you 16. (8)
   SUNSHINE. Mildly cryptic definition.
25   Tim's initially in charge of summer outdoor entertainment. (4)
   FETE. Tim’s [initially] [in] FEE (charge).


1   Doubts they are potential perpetrators. (8)
SUSPECTS. Double definition.
2   Tops champion with shot close to the bull. (5)
INNER. [Tops] i.e. remove first letter from wINNER (champion).
4   Swindles queen and country over time creating dismay. (13)
CONSTERNATION. CONS (swindles) ER (queen) NATION (country) outside [over] T (time).
5   Order crate to provide food for an occasion. (5)
CATER. [Order] (crate)*.
Ultimate customer endures change. (3,4)
END USER, (endures)* [change].
7   COVID-19 protection initially makes Americans extremely sick. (4)
MASK. [initially] Makes Americans [extremely] SicK.
Disgusting Putin not home free. (6)
PUTRID. PUTin without the in [not home] RID (free).
13 Alienate sergeant with new order. (8)
  ESTRANGE (sergeant)* [with new order].
15 Upper class gran masks nasty pong unlike normal people. (7)
UNHUMAN. U (Upper class) NAN (gran) outside [masks] HUM (nasty pong).
16 Beaten and converted to leather. (6)
TANNED. Double definition.
18 Maybe aches somewhat for sandy seashore. (5)
BEACH. Hidden in [somewhat] MayBE ACHes.
20 Say nothing about bad habit? On the contrary. (5)
VOICE. VICE (bad habit) [about] O (nothing), rather than the other way round [on the contrary].
21 Some part-song writing, sculpture etc. (4)
ARTS. Hidden in pART-Song.


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