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The Eccentric Horticulturalist by Johninterred

This was another cryptic crossword from me. Hopefully not too tricky. It uses another of the Times Quick Crossword grids. You can find links to the crossword here and the answers below. Feel free to leave any comments or questions as you would do on TfTT.
[Solution (click to open)]
"Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row."

Definitions underlined in bold italics, (Abc)* indicating anagram of Abc, deletions and [] other indicators.

8 Artful folding of paper giro returned by French pal. (7)
ORIGAMI. GIRO [returned] -> ORIG AMI (French pal).
9 Broadcast Nora and I are transmitting now. (2,3)
ON AIR. (Nora I)* [broadcast].
10 Stomach of ancient Egyptian body loses mass after time. (5)
TUMMY. T (time) mUMMY (ancient Egyptian body) without the [loses] M (mass).
11 Starts to hanker over life in Dales after Yorkshire vacation. (7)
HOLIDAY. Initial letters of [starts to] Hanker Over Life In Dales After Yorkshire.
12 How 18 Oxford and Cambridge blues on the Thames are properly aligned.... (3,2,1,3)
ALL IN A ROW. Cryptic definition relating to the Boat Race.
14 ...and not ultimately from Eton to Windsor. (3)
NOR. Last letters of [ultimately] EtoN tO WindsoR.
16 I agree that's some eyesore. (3)
YES. Hidden in [some] eYESore.
18 Purses lips when little dog consumes last five of Snickers and last of tiramisu. (7,2)
PUCKERS UP. PUP (little dog) outside [consumes] [last five of] SniCKERS [last of] tiramisU.
21 I doubt small mushroom leads to nervous twitch. (7)
SCEPTIC. S (cmall) CEP (mushroom) TIC (nervous witch). "leads to" here is a positional indicator not signifier of inital letters.
22 Greek anatomist is partly dissecting a lens. (5)
GALEN. Hidden in dissectinG A LENs.
23 Pretty maids, we hear, are rung by campanologists. (5)
BELLS. Sounds like [we hear] BELLES (pretty maids).
24 Searchers find king and queen hiding in toilets. (7)

LOOKERS. K (king) ER (queen) [hiding in] LOOS (toilets).

1 Tory creative work set up by railway. That's perverse. (8)
CONTRARY. CON (Tory) ART (creative work) [set up] -> TRA, RY (railway).
2 Lads, I'm awfully gloomy. (6)
DISMAL. (Lads I'm)* [awfully].
3 Scottish Queen was horsey we're told. (4)
MARY. Sounds like [we're told] MARE-Y (horsey). Did that make you groan?
4 Shrivel up due to lack of water and squirm in agony right to the end. (6)
WITHER. Take WRITHE (squirm in agony) and move the R (right) [to the end].
5 Leader's instruction to support Middle East. (6,2)
FOLLOW ME. FOLLOW (support, as in a football team) M.E. (Middle East)
6 Pike-like fish has lair where plants grow. (6)
GARDEN. GAR (pike-like fish) DEN (lair).
7 Type of stinging ant that disturbs our landscape designer, 3D's namesake. (4)
ARMY. [disturbs] (Mary)* (our gardener).
13 Most pine unreasonably for favourable treatment. (8)
NEPOTISM. (Most pine)* [unreasonably].
15 Gardener's readiness to initially register intellectual property makes sense. (8)
RIPENESS. [initially] Register IP (intellectual property) [makes] (sense)*.
17 Attacks with artillery to create inferno on board ship. (6)
SHELLS. HELL (inferno) inside [on board] SS (ship).
19 Tap the french mollusc. (6)
COCKLE. COCK (tap) LE (the in french).
20 Second change for Long John. (6)
SILVER. Triple definition.
21 Boss sadly cries. (4)
SOBS. (Boss)* [sadly].
22 Develop good argument. (4)
GROW. G (good) ROW (argument).


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