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Times Quick Cryptic No 1439 by Tracy

I would say this was pretty much a classic straightforward QC from Tracy today. Nothing too difficult, I think, a good range of clue types and some lovely surface readings, not least 16A, my COD. I was clearly on the wavelength today as raced through this in 3:43. Thanks Tracy!  How did you all get on?

Definitions underlined in bold italics, (Abc)* indicating anagram of Abc, deletions and [] other indicators.

7 Run, avoiding large snake (5)
ADDER - lADDER (run) without [avoiding] the L (large)
8 Pair, however, returned washing machine (4-3)
TWIN-TUB - TWIN (pair) BUT (however) [returned] -> TUB. My mother used to have one of these in the 1960's. I've not seen one for years, but you can still get them.
10 Enrage church hemmed in by pubs close to centre (7)
INCENSE - C.E. (Church of England) inside [hemmed in by] INNS (pubs) with last letter of [close to] centrE.
11 Usual practice of a bishop wearing belt (5)
HABIT - A B (bishop) inside [wearing] HIT (belt, as in thump).
12 A new suggestion regarding appetiser (9)
ANTIPASTO - A N (new) TIP (suggestion) AS TO (regarding)> As to this clue, it's a classic example of a "charade", building the answer a bit at a time.
14 Drink brought back for close friend (3)
PAL - LAP (drink like a dog does) reversed [brought back] -> PAL.
15 Idol shot, died (3)
GOD - GO (shot) D (died). I love concise clues. An economical 12 letter one here.
16 Aims often set out in this (9)
MANIFESTO - (Aims often)* [set out].
18 Gather popular judge retired (5)
INFER - IN (popular) REF (judge) reversed [retured] -> FER.
20 Eastern cause arousing intense feeling (7)
EMOTIVE - E (Eastern) MOTIVE (cause, as in causing motion). Cause = motive? I thought this was maybe slightly dodgy until I realised Tracy has used the setter's trick of using the noun version in the surface and the adjectival version in the wordplay.
22 Author Muriel has the French fizz (7)
SPARKLE - The author is Muriel SPARK. Add LE (the in french).
23 A flower sprang up (5)
AROSE - A ROSE (flower).
1 Profits from excellent wins (7,5)
CAPITAL GAINS - CAPITAL (excellent) GAINS (wins).
2 English coin of yesteryear, editor learned (8)
EDUCATED - E (English) DUCAT (coin of yesteryear) ED (editor). Another example of the trick in 20A - this time the definition (learned) is the adjective not the past participle.
3 Working below Irish golf club (4)
IRON - ON (working) [below] IR (Irish).
4 Small lock of hair causing anxiety (6)
STRESS - S (Small) TRESS (lock of hair).
5 Fair cancelled immediately (5,3)
RIGHT OFF - RIGHT (fair) ODD (cancelled).
6 Objections over cigarette end (4)
STUB - BUTS (objections) [over] -> STUB.
9 Courage shown by batsman at the start, one removing cap? (6-6)
BOTTLE-OPENER - BOTTLE (courage) OPENER (batsman at the start).
13 Under pressure, European married, penniless, in Welsh town (8)
PEMBROKEBROKE (penniless).[under] P (pressure) E (European) M (married).
14 Greek god mysteriously poisoned (8)
POSEIDON - [mysteriously] (poisoned)*
17 Annoyed no litres required (6)
NEEDED - Annoyed is NEEDlED. Lose [no] the L (litres)
19 Standard in decline (4)
FLAG - Double definition.
21 Said to come from Aurora Leigh (4)
ORAL - Hidden in  [to come from] AurORA Leigh.

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