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Times Quick Cryptic No 1249 by Pedro

A nicely constructed puzzle from Pedro today, with several clues which made me stop and think a bit.... 3a describes what I had to do nicely! Largely it was due to Pedro giving me the chance to go astray... which I duly did. In the end, though, I wasn't held up too much by anything and I still finished well under an average time. So, I don't think there is anything unfair or unreasonably difficult, but I've misjudged this before and I'm sure you will tell me if I'm wrong! Apart from the delighful, aforementioned, 3a I enjoyed the luxurious pigsties at 11a, the self-referential 23a, the erroneous vegans at 6d and the bonus of more money at 7d - I was handed a letter informing me of my annual salary increase only yesterday. But COD from me goes to the simple, but smile-inducing, cryptic definition at 16d for reminding me of my grandfather... who was one. So thanks Pedro for the entertainment. How did you all like it?

Definitions underlined in italics, (ABC)* indicating anagram of ABC, {} deletions and [] other indicators.

1 Sort of dive executed by fish? (4)
PIKE - Double definition. My initial thought was that we were looking for a type of dive and losing the first letter to get the fish. Nicely deceptive surface.
3 Think about cut in insurance (4,4)
CHEW OVER - If you have insurance, you have COVER. Insert HEW (cut) to get what I had to do with a few clues today.
8 Small thing I included in complete sports venue (7)
STADIUM - TAD (small thing)  I [included in] SUM (complete). I had to convince myself that sum = complete, but my Chambers dictionary has "whole" and "completion" as meanings, so fair enough
10 Governess repeated names to absorb a youngster at first (5)
NANNY - She repeated the name three times - NNN. Take that and insert [absorb] A and add Y{oungster} at first. She should be able to remember him or her after that.
11 Our pigsties could become well-regarded (11)
PRESTIGIOUS - (Our pigsties)* [could become]. Referring to this, perhaps?
13 Stop including openings for university lecturers in consequence (6)
RESULT - Out walking, I somethimes Stop for a REST. Include U{university} L{ecturers} [openings].
15 Good old weapon getting a quick look (6)
GLANCE - G (good) LANCE (old weapon). I did wonder, at first, whether an ANDER was a weapon, but GANDER is not the required quick look.
17 Coarser mind misinterpreted country pastime (6,5)
MORRIS DANCE - (coarser mind)* [misinterpreted]. I left this 11-letter anagram until I had some checkers. 11!/2 is a large number of potential words.
20 Exhausted, having nothing more to pay? (3-2)
ALL-IN - Double definition.
21 Band backed trio appearing without one conductor (7)
MAESTRO - This is a little on the tricky side. The band is a SEAM, which you reverse and add TR{i}O - trio without the I (one).
22 Police officer upset re agents (8)
SERGEANT - (re-agents)* [upset]. A favourite Flanders and Swann song springs to mind "...the police call-box is winking with a sergeant in her arms.." Oh, no. I've given myself an ear-worm now!
23 Limits to enraged guy expressing irritability (4)
EDGY - [Limits to] EnrageD GuY. Nice one Pedro - an edgy clue for edgy!

1 Father’s game: means to travel overseas (8)
PASSPORT - PA'S (father's) SPORT. Of course you need some TRAN SPORT too to get overseas.
2 Jack, King — simple to discard one (5)
KNAVE - K (King) NA{I}VE (simple) dropping the I [discard one].
4 Silver brought into house for show of respect (6)
HOMAGE - AG (chemical symbol for silver) [brought into] HOME (house).
5 Gale: bird has to move gradually on part of building (6,5)
WINDOW LEDGE - WIND (Gale) OWL (bird) EDGE (move gradually).
6 One-third of vegans wrong to get upset about meat (7)
VENISON -  You take the first third of the six letters of VE{gans}, add SIN (wrong) reversed [get upset] ON (about). Interesting surface. Why might they be wrong to get upset, I wonder?
7 Beams, extra money being announced (4)
RAYS - A sounds-like clue...  i.e. RAISE [announced].
9 Inability to bear being hypnotised, interrupted by bullring cheer (11)
INTOLERANCE - When you are being hypnotised you are IN TRANCE. Interrupt this with "OLÉ ", the bullring cheer.
12 Church more upset over US city service (8)
CEREMONY - CE (Church of England) (more)* [upset] above [over] (this is a down clue) NY (US city).
14 Corresponding mail is distributed on run (7)
SIMILAR - (mail is)* distributed above [on] R (run).
16 His place of work is mine (6)
PITMAN - Cryptic definition. Ho-ho!
18 Revolutionary study about part of Bible is well-known (5)
NOTED - The study is a DEN. Revolve it to get NED and put it about OT (Old Testamnet - part of Bible).
19 Graduate on ship sees fish (4)
BASS - A simple one to finish with. BA (Graduate) [on] SS (ship). It could equally have been clued as "Graduate on ship is singer".

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